IMPACT ACOUSTIC AG is the new home of ChatPod!

ChatPod has a new home!


Driven by innovation for beautiful, yet functional design

addressing today´s environmental and social challenges,

we strive to be the rebels who tirelessly think one step

ahead to develop sustainable acoustic solutions for the

design industry: permanent beta.

At Impact Acoustic we specialize in turning single-used

materials into high-quality finished products for acoustic

comfort. We understand how Environmental Social Governance

(ESG) matters to the new generation of international

design practitioners and we want to give them all the

tools to address acoustic challenges.

In addition to a wide and customizable array of products,

we specialize in bespoke solutions. A network of creative

application engineers, product designers and architects

translate your ideas into a tangible product.


ChatPod in 90 Seconds!



At ChatPod, we produce high-quality agile isolation pods for phone calls and small meetings. Made out of cardboard, PET bottles, sawdust and recycled tires, ChatPod is made of 97% post-consumer content and is 100% recyclable. ChatPod is based in Switzerland.

creator & founder

Jeffrey Ibañez

Jeffrey is Filipino designer, architect,  corporate design specialist and founder of ChatPod. He is widely known for his energy and passion for design, innovation and sustainable principles applied with simplicity and elegance.

Sustainable Initiative

Jeffrey has practised his craft in major cities in Asia and Europe for moreover a decade. He plays an active role in promoting sustainability and innovation through workplace landscape design.

Get to know him more


ChatPod CHAT

ChatPod CHAT

ChatPod CHAT is single user isolation pod for phone calls and short duration online meetings.

ChatPod TALK

ChatPod TALK by Impact Acoustic AG

ChatPod CHAT is a 2-seater isolation pod ideal for one-on-one chat. It can be expanded into 4-seater pod when needed. 

ChatPod MEET

ChatPod MEET by Impact Acoustic AG

ChatPod MEET is a 4-seater isolation pod ideal for team chat sessions. 

ChatPod CHAT plan

ChatPod TALK plan

CHatPod MEET plan

Material Components



 SAWDUST. Sawdust is a powdery particle of wood as by-product of saw mills. Compressed through high pressure and heat without resin which means it is highly recyclable and environmentally friendly. 



 CARDBOARD.  Cardboard is extremely pressure-resistant, rigid, dimensionally stable and  most environmentally effective materials to recycle since the fiber in cardboard has already been processed.  



 PET. Acoustic panel is made from upcycled plastic bottles. The open and highly compressed felt structure is more effective than conventional acoustic composites. Available in 23 colors. 



TIRE. Made from recycled tires, this layer ensure the minimum sound transfer from within and outside the pod. An organic material with flame retardant composition.


You can download the ChatPod catalog and the brand new Impact Acoustic LogBook below. For price list, send us a request through

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