crafted in the
swiss alps

The chatpod is manufactured to the highest Swiss quality standards and craftmanship. Harnessing the power of nature, leaving nothing but clean water and air.

Chatpod is a brand of IMPACT ACOUSTIC AG and based in Switzerland.

Our room-in-room solutions and phone booths are driven by innovation for beautiful, yet functional design addressing today´s environmental and social challenges. We strive to be the rebels who tirelessly think one step ahead to develop sustainable & high performance acoustic solutions for the design industry: permanent beta.

We specialize in turning single-used materials like PET bottles, tires or sawdust into high-quality finished products for acoustic comfort in office spaces all around the world. We understand how Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in architecture and interior design matters to the new generation of international design practitioners. Giving them all the tools to address acoustic challenges while keeping sustainability in focus is our goal.

The brainchild of Filipino designer, architect and corporate design specialist Jeffrey Ibañez, chatpod was created in 2018. In 2019, Jeff joined forces with IMPACT ACOUSTIC, a renowned Swiss company for acoustic solutions. The reason is obvious: a like-minded focus on ecological challenges in this world, paired with the motivation to change it for the better made chatpod the perfect addition to the IMPACT ACOUSTIC family.